2015 VW Touran release date and price

2015 VW Touran is expected to enter the American market in the second half of 2014. The launch date and place are not yet officially announced, leaving many of the vehicle’s fans eager. The 2015 VW Touran release date and price are as follows.

2015 VW Touran release date and price

The Volkswagen Company is striving to reduce the VW Touran’s weight. The vehicle has a new platform. In addition, it is made using new and modern technology. The new platform used in the Touran is from Volkswagen, which is a prestigious brand.

2015 VW Touran release date and price2

When compared to other models, the Touran has significant changes made to its front. Such changes include modifications to the headlamps. The hood and the bumper have a new and trendy look. All changes made to the vehicle aim at attracting more customers. The greater number of options are in the Touran are meant to cater for the huge American market.

The vehicle is entirely powered by modern equipment. In addition to its spacious look, it will contain folding seats. Although the folding seats are present, there is no need of unfolding them unless they need to be used. Automotive enthusiasts who enjoy Blue Motion can enjoy it in the Touran.

2015 VW Touran release date and price1

It is the vehicle’s low fuel consumption program created by VW. The vehicle is designed with high engine power coupled with low fuel consumption.

The Touran has an enormous European market. However, it is yet to prove its success in the American market. Research studies indicate that the Touran will prove more successful in America compared to Europe since it has many enthusiasts in America. The Touran’s price will be announced later this year.

2015 VW Touran release date and price3

There is great doubt concerning the engine in the vehicle. Compared to the old model, the engine in the Touran is expected to change. In general, all other aspects of the vehicle are meant to allure customers.

There are rumours that the Touran will be powered by a TSI petrol engine with a 1.2 liter capacity that will provide 105 horsepower. Also, there is a TDI diesel engine with a 2.0 liter capacity capable of producing 150 horsepower. Regarding the powertrain options, details are not yet officially announced.

2015 VW Touran release date and price4

The Touran will be fit for all road types. Therefore, people with a driving passion can happily drive around with confidence. Many people have already booked early offers and what remains is driving the vehicle to the road and having fun.

The new engine together with the new platform and the Blue Motion program ensure that the vehicle will have more economy than its predecessors.

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