2015 Honda CR-V review and price3

2015 Honda CR-V review and price

2015 Honda CR-V edition is expected soon and it will most likely include better features than previous versions. Though the 2015 Honda CR-V edition somewhat resembles other previous models from a distant outlook, its difference is highly noted on the specs and the comfort it provides while driving.

2015 Honda CR-V review and price2

2015 Honda CR-V review

The fourth generation model of the Japanese Honda CR-V manufacturer will also come in different color varieties thus distinguishing it from other models releases in earlier years. Popularly noted as one of the best selling SUV in the world, the 2015 Honda CR-V will not fall short of its expectations and it is categorized as a convenient family car.

2015 Honda CR-V review and price4

The 2015 Honda CR-V will include a four cylinder engine system worth of 2.4 liter. The four cylinder engine is capable of boosting up to 185 horse power plus 163 torque pound feet that will automatically power the front wheels.

The engine is also capable of travelling a distance of up to 190 kilometers in just 1 hour with an acceleration capacity of up to 100 km per hour in just 10.2 seconds. Other distinct engine features of Honda CR-V include a hydraulic pump enhancing the weight, an added electric motor clutch and an improved 4×4 driving system complete with a 6 speed manual transmitter.

2015 Honda CR-V review and price

The fourth generation model is relatively safe and secure than other models. It features an enhanced suspension which constitutes to better aerodynamics and stability. The comfort within the car is absolutely exceptional thanks to its leather and suede covered seats plus adjustment options.

The steering wheel is sports designed making the driver more comfortable when driving while the windshield can be moved slightly forward to enable better visibility. The 7 inch touch screen located within the console is capable of digitally operating most systems in the car while other included features such as airbags and a rear camera system improve security.

The fuel consumption is rather average providing a satisfying fuel economy. The 2015 Honda CR-V is capable of consuming one gallon per 23 miles when travelling in the city and one gallon per 31 miles when moving on the highway. The car can also conveniently move through different conditions such as snow and asphalt road. However, it is not advised to drive the car in extreme off road conditions.

2015 Honda CR-V review and price5

Price of new Honda CR-V 2015

The price of 2015 Honda CR-V has not yet been set since it has not been released but the purchasing price is expected to be $24,000 to $30,000 depending on various factors. The release date has not yet been officially confirmed but the car is expected late 2014.

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