2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior3

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior continue to make this popular model shine in the compact crossover category. While Honda did not give dramatic changes to the new model, several improvements on both the interior and exterior will be sure to please drivers.

2015 Honda CR-V exterior

At first glance, there don’t seem to be any major changes in the exterior appearance. The new contours keep the sturdy and aggressive styling that set this crossover apart from others. However, this fourth generation CR-V is shorter and lower than previous models. Drivers can also choose from additional color choices that will be available.

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior4

Honda CR-V 2015 interior

Smart design changes make the interior even roomier than past models. Both drivers and passengers will enjoy plenty of leg room. No matter where adventure leads, there is plenty of room for cargo in the rear. Drivers will enjoy the feel of the new, larger steering wheel as well.

Honda also redesigned the dashboard. The sleek new styling improves the ease of use with the placement of the instrument cluster and touch screen display. The touch screen gives a much improved experience. The Multi-Information Display provides information and entertainment at the touch of a finger. Smartphone users will appreciate the options to connect with Bluetooth and USB. Pandora Internet Radio, the Honda navigation system, and a rear view camera are also available on some models.

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior1

Honda fans will be disappointed that the new Earth Dreams engine will not be available for 2015. This new engine is still in development. Instead, the CR-V will continue to use the 2.2 L four cylinder engine. This 150 horsepower engine offers quick responsiveness.

It handles well on both asphalt and off-road or snowy conditions. A new suspension system provides better handling and security in a variety of road conditions. It is better to stick with tamer road conditions as this family SUV is not designed for extreme off-road conditions.

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior

Another improvement is the move to all wheel drive instead of just front wheel drive for the CR-V. The fuel economy continues to improve with the lower, more aerodynamic design of the body. This SUV sips gas as it gets 23 miles per gallon with in-town driving and up to 31 miles per gallon on the highway. The CR-V also qualifies as an ultra-low emissions vehicle thanks to the Eco-Assist technology.

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior5

The 2015 Honda CR-V will be available in three trim models: the basic LX, the mid-level EX, and the top line EX-L. No matter which model and extras are chosen, the CR-V remains an affordable choice. The 2015 pricing expects to range from just under $24,000 to no more than $29,000. Adding on additional features could raise the price. The new 2015 models should be available later this year.

2015 Honda CR-V interior and exterior2

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