2014 Jeep Cherokee review

2014 Jeep Cherokee review

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size SUV from Jeep brand portfolio . The fourth in a generation , Cherokee has evolved into a completely new vehicle is delivered to customers with the new interpretation of the attitude of this legendary American brand ” Go anywhere, do anything” . New Jeep Cherokee with an efficient turbo diesel Multijet II engine 2.0L combined with the new automatic transmission with nine speeds will debut this year at the 84th International Motor Show in Geneva.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review1

2014 Jeep Cherokee review

The new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is built one step in the segment with its brilliant and athletic design , better dynamics and control on-road , legendary 4×4 system , premium handcrafted interiors , innovative technology, advanced levels of efficiency, fun , comfort , security and safety of ‘ five-star ‘ as he was recently awarded designation as the ‘best in class ‘ by Euro NCAP safety assessment program in the small off -road vehicle with a 4×4 system .

Designed to be brilliant in every possible field , the new Jeep Cherokee exudes compound stylistic innovations and family tradition , the legendary 4×4 system and technology : features that have been transferred to a new Limited model and his alter ego , a specialist in ‘off -road ‘ driving Trailhawk.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review2

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee new generation is now available in versions with two-wheel drive as well as the version with four-wheel drive , offering a choice of three new , sophisticated Jeep system with four-wheel drive in order to provide off -road driving characteristics for example, in all weather conditions . The new Jeep Grand Cherokee is also the first medium SUV , which has the function of turning off drive rear axle (rear – drive axle disconnect ), which results in a smaller loss of energy when the 4×4 system is not required , and better fuel efficiency . Function rear -axle disconnect without any interference switches the drive from two to four wheels and vice versa , allowing for constant torque control without the need for the driver to any command.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review3

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available at all authorized Jeep dealers beginning in the second quarter of 2014, Longitude , and Trailhawk Limited trim levels . The engine range includes the efficient Multijet II turbo diesel engine of 2.0 liter capacity 170 hp. This engine is paired with a new 9- speed automatic transmission , which is the first time using the segment of medium-sized SUVs . Version of the engine from 2.0 liters and 140 hp will also be available in combination with a 6-speed manual transmission . The European version also includes a gasoline V-6 Pentastar engine of 3.2 liter paired with the new 9- speed transmission . In Russia, the Middle East and the Sport trim is available in the new Grand Cherokee range , a new automatic transmission is offered in conjunction with Tigershark MultiAir I-4 engine of 2.4 liters .

2014 Jeep Cherokee review4

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee boasts the most advanced revolutionary design , the world’s technological skills and exclusive content . Bright and athletic exterior design Jeep design in the future and reveal the efficiency and aerodynamics without compromising the style and heritage of the brand.

The designers were inspired to create a vehicle that remains loyal to this brand while simultaneously moves into the next era of their shape , which is equally effective as a vehicle, that old guy , without losing its Jeep DNA . Fluid , shiny exterior lines emphasize the effective upper body Cherokee vehicles that can successfully cut through the wind . Durable, protective underbody reveals legendary suitability of the characteristics of each Jeep vehicles . New Jeep Cherokee has a strong attitude , aggressive proportions between the wheels and the body and its dominant phenomenon is pointed out on the road . Downward angles contribute the best 4×4 performance in its class.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review5

A key element of the new vehicles Jeep Cherokee is a new ‘ waterfall ‘ hood with legendary protruding grille with seven holes , which closes a smooth , horizontal clicking – feature , which is present in many of the classic Jeep vehicles. The bonnet is clearly defined and separated from the front fender , which is a modern interpretation of the design brenda.Napredne LED lighting technology is widely used in the new Jeep Cherokee vehicle . Daytime running lights (DRL ) and headlights with Xenon technology (standard within the Limited trim levels , in selected markets ) promote the unique proportions of the front of the vehicle.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review6

Results vehicles are marked characteristic JEEP trapezoidal wheel arch covers . The vehicle is accentuated rear lights completely made in LED technology, which are an integral part of the backlight , thus contributing to the vehicle seems to be stronger , but also harmonious. This form is a combination of upper and lower rear of the vehicle , which together form a vivid look unique and specific to the new vehicle Cherokee . The vehicle also includes a special Jeep Cherokee rear fog lights .

New Cherokee ( equipment packages and Longitude Trailhawk ) is offered with wheels 17 or 18 inches , giving the driver a reliable traction on snow and wet weather. Finally , Jeep Cherokee offers customers the ability to enjoy top-down motoring , thanks to a new CommandView dual -pane electronic retractable roof with double glazing , which is available as an option on all trims . CommandView extends the windshield to the rear of the vehicle , allowing a perfect view of both the road and in off -road driving .

2014 Jeep Cherokee review7

Grand Cherokee which was recently introduced Jeep brand has set the foundation for a new direction in interior design where he built a new Cherokee . The interior is modern, comfortable and receptive . It consists of a sophisticated , refined designs , handmade forms , stylistic features that are the hallmark of Jeep vehicles , high-quality materials and attention focused on the details . The cabin is designed to offer the driver superb comfort with useful technology easy to use and cost effective cargo space.

During the development of a completely new interior design of vehicles Cherokee designers drew inspiration from the heritage of the brand. Line trapezoidal shape when viewed from above , is the trademark of the classic Jeep vehicles reminding trapezoidal wheel arches on its exterior. Decorative center console is inspired by the look of the front cover with the vehicle Willys Jeep from the 40’s of the twentieth century and continues to this style and his older brother , the Grand Cherokee vehicle .

2014 Jeep Cherokee review8

Premium materials come into play whenever a customer touches the vehicle – protective material for doors , center armrest and upper part of the instrument panel. The interior of the cabin is covered with covers that customers will be soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye . Slope stitched instrument panel coated vinyl is standard on all models , a step stretch over the armrest on the center console as well as over the armrest of the front door.

The new 2014 JeepCherokee is available in three trim inspired by exotic locations and landscapes around the world , such as Morocco , the Grand Canyon and Italy Mount Vesuvius . The seats are ergonomically designed to support the body contour and are available with a flexible ‘ memory’ mechanism , and the front seats have options for heating and / ventilation . The seats are upholstered with premium fabric ( Longitude grade) , high quality Nappa leather (Limited and Trailhawk grade) or a combination of cloth and leather Nappa ( Trailhawk grade) . Distance 60/40 rear seat has the ability to adapt back and forth , which provides travelers comfort and flexibility in the transportation of cargo.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review9

Exclusive features such as a leather steering wheel with heating function and a wireless charger complement the interior of the new car Jeep Cherokee and excite both drivers and co-drivers . Functionality is the main feature of the new design cars Jeep Cherokee , where you can find a handful of carefully thought out , economical cargo space . Refined , covered space for things that are located above the center console at the top of the instrument panel is a safe place to store small items . The front seat folds easily and has a hidden space inside the seat when the seat cushion up .
Jeep 4×4 systems and functions ‘Go Anywhere ‘

2014 Jeep Cherokee review9

New Jeep Grand Cherokee led the legendary 4×4 system to the next level , offering advantages for all weather conditions , the vehicle for driving on any terrain . A new generation of Jeep secondary sports car offers a choice of three 4×4 innovative system for driving in all weather conditions : fully automatic function Jeep Active Drive and a single-speed , Active Drive II Jeep and Jeep Active Drive Lock that control torque , low- speed range gearbox and lock the rear axle drive ( Trailhawk grade) .

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee is also the first SUVvozilo medium size that has the function of turning off drive rear axle (rear – drive axle disconnect ), which results in a lower power loss when the system 4×4 is not needed and better fuel efficiency . Function rear -axle disconnect without any interference switches the drive from two to four wheels and vice versa , allowing for constant torque control without the need for the driver to any command.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review10

Available at Cherokee models and Longitude Limited, functions and Jeep Active Drive features a unique unit for transmission , which is fully automatic and provides smooth operation at any speed , regardless of whether the four-wheel drive is on or not . The system does not require any intervention or feedback response driver provides correction oscillations during dynamic movement and improving the conditions of insufficient or excessive maneuverability . Function Jeep Active Drive and offers equivalent redistribution torque control with brake traction.

The performance of four-wheel drive are the outcome of a fully variable hydraulic clutch located in the back of the drive. Clutch delivers appropriate value of torque in all driving conditions , including wet conditions , aggressive movement and dynamic driving. Sophisticated algorithms that allow the system to contribute to driving dynamics while interacting with a system of electronic stability control ( ESC ) as it approaches the permitted limits of traction on the road surface.

Available at Cherokee Limited model, the Jeep feature Active Drive II includes a two-speed motor for power transmission to control torque and low- speed range gearbox . Mode 4 Low – blocking axle front and rear drive while giving strength to the case of slow walking or pulling . The low range gear reduction provides turning gears in relation to 2.92:1 . Reducing speed gears to facilitate the ability of gradients , as well as the most extensive transmission ratio (crawl ratio) for dangerous off -road conditions . Function Active Jeep Drive II works in conjunction with Selec – Terrain system to aggressively altered the distribution of torque , while supervising the transfer of the motor and ESC system and transmits power to the wheels that will transfer most of the traction.

2014 Jeep Cherokee review11

Standard on all Trailhawk models feature Jeep Active Drive Lock includes all the features and functions of Active Drive II Jeep , adding locking rear differential for superior strength at a slow walk on rocky or hazardous off -road conditions. Rear differential lock can be selected in any mode, slow ride , but it will be activated automatically in some modes , such as ” Rock ” to maximize traction pattern on the tire can support .

Completely new systems Cherokee 4×4 vehicles include the famous Jeep brand system for traction control – Selec – Terrain with four modes (five for Trailhawk model , who owns Rock mode , in addition to Auto, Snow , Sport and Sand / Mud modes). Selec – Terrain lets the driver pressing a button on the Selec – Terrain dial to select settings for driving on the road or off -road ride that best suits optimum performance on any surface , and is designed to optimize systems, four-wheel drive in the U.S. unsurpassed control and ability . Selec – Terrain electronically coordinates and optimizes the system 12 , including : a module for powertrain control , electronic brake control , ESC , control, transfer speed , propulsion control the composition and selection of the speed control Selec -Speed ​​( Hill – ascent to driving on the rise , Hill – descent to move downhill) .

New Jeep Grand Cherokee also offers exclusive features capabilities vehicles called Selec -Speed ​​Control . Function Selec -Speed ​​Control also includes Hill Descent Control function ( for moving downhill) and Hill Ascent Control ( for climbing climb) , which enables the Cherokee climbs and descends the slopes with minimal driver effort . ESC system controls torque and tire pressure to maintain the target speed during off -road driving or driving uphill , driving on bumpy surfaces or steep or driving over obstacles . This feature allows the driver to focus on steering while observe the technical off -road terrain . Available in 4 -Low and exclusive Trailhawk models feature Selec -Speed ​​Control is activated by a separate button on the Selec – Terrain switch. Target speed with which the driver chooses , which is in the range of 1.6 km / h to 8.5 km / h can be adjusted using the option + / – to change the speed.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee is the first medium SUV vehicle that has a standard 9 -speed automatic transmission. The new transmission is combined with a turbo diesel engine of 2.0 liter capacity 170 hp and a petrol version of the new Grand Cherokee range . The new 9- speed automatic transmission provides extremely slight change of speed , a very wide range of transmission gears for improved acceleration , lower emissions and better fuel efficiency . The new transmission also provides an aggressive start-up and smooth snabedvanje power at high speeds.

The new , fully electronic 9- speed automatic has a function of changes in the speed of the ride (on- the- flyshiftmap ) with the possibility of manual operation through features Electronic Range Select. More than 40 individual ability to change speeds in specific conditions optimize the quality and speed of the change points , increasing fuel economy , performance and driving to the maximum.
In order to determine the appropriate mode shifting , sophisticated software takes into account variables including engine torque gradient , abrupt gear changes , horizontal and lateral acceleration and the change in slope .

For greater comfort and subtle ride , included additional parameters with integrated transmission control strategy , including : temperature, velocity and system for electronic stability control . The result is an automatic switching speed , which is in accordance with the requirements of the ideal performance for almost any type of drive .

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