2014 Jaguar C-X17 concept review

2014 Jaguar C-X17 crossover concept might have show-stopping looks, yet it’s just what will certainly lie underneath the manufacturing crossover– thought to be called QX– that’s equally as interesting: an all-new aluminium lightweight system, dubbed ‘iQ Al’. It’s a clean-sheet design, with double-wishbone suspension up front, and a multi-link axle at the back.

2014 Jaguar C-X17 concept review2

2014 Jaguar C-X17 concept review

The 2014 Jaguar C-X17 concept auto, which debuts at the Frankfurt car show looks– in addition to the interior– production all set. Although the firm is coy about whether that’s really going to take place, yet we have the impression that this crossover is a done bargain.

Baseded on new, versatile all-aluminum design that’ll be made use of to underpin future Jaguars, the C-X17 is about the size of the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. The fascia unmistakably comes from Ian Callum’s pen, with a nose that is suggested to rouse the XJ’s, but the rest of the C-X17’s design is average.

2014 Jaguar C-X17 concept review

That’s not to share it’s an unpleasant auto, but the side profile could be from Mazda or a lot of various other car manufacturers, and the open air intakes listed below the fronts lights only make the front appearance taller compared to it should. There is, at the very least, a lot to like in the F-type– style taillights. Possibly it’s considering that we’ve had 2 years to daydream since Jaguar execs initially stated a crossover, yet on the whole we had actually been anticipating something more, well, appealing.

Past the common concept-car fluff, Jaguar has hardly any to state concerning the C-X17. There’s no conversation of powertrains for this particular vehicle, yet Jaguar is describing its future as being just one of supercharged V-6 and forced-induction four-cylinder engines, all which would certainly be appropriate for a motor vehicle this dimension. (V-8s should linger for the next several years, yet whether one will certainly slot into the Jag crossover is an unknown.) Four-wheel drive is, of course, included, and we would certainly anticipate that device to join the rest of the groundworks in being oriented towards on-road sportiness, not off-roading.

2014 Jaguar C-X17 concept review3

Even without comprehensive information, nonetheless, we’re greater than comfy saying that Jaguar would succeed to launch a manufacturing variation of the C-X17 when is feasible. Not simply does it make good sense from a “Jaguar needs to market even more steel to stay in business” perspective, but the days it was blasphemy for an auto company to build SUVs are long, long past. Then there were none.

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